Thursday, June 9, 2005

Epic General Membership Meeting - June 2005

CDBG = Community Development Block Grant
EBM = EPIC Board Meeting
EPC 17th Ave. Garden Committee = East Phillips 17th Avenue Community Garden Steering Committee
EPIC = East Phillips Improvement Coalition
GMM = General Membership Meeting
GI = Green Institute
NRP = Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Directors Present: Carol Pass, Andy Engebretson, Albin Dittli, Rosie Cruz, Linda Leonard, Mary Gonsior, Cynthia Aguirre

Members Present: Ryan Brueske, Laverne Turner, Lynne Mayo, Joan Vanhala, Rachel Dittli, Brad Pass, Robert Johnson, Aden Awil, Annie Young, Florianne Wild

Directors not Present: Earl Simms, Hannah Lieder

Meeting was called to order at 6:42 by CP. Agenda was distributed.

Motion (MG, LT)
Motion to approve agenda. Motion passed.

Motion (MG, LT)
The minutes from the May 12, 2005 GMM were approved with the following corrections.
Page 1, announcements should read, “Third Grand opening at the new building, 3rd Precinct Police Station on Lake St.
Page 1, announcements should read, “…on a website Ryan has created: Phillips.”
Page 2, reports should read, “8. Brad announced that the Minneapolis Public Works Dept. wants to put an asphalt or hot mix storage facility on the corner of 26th and Hiawatha…”
Page 2, EPIC survey report should read, “…The survey will be in English, Spanish…”
Page 3, treasurer’s report should read, “4.a) The original receipt needs to be turned in to the treasurer within 30 days…”

EPIC was instrumental in helping community groups obtain the following grants:
Hispanic Baseball League (Weed & Seed, $3,150; Twins, $1,000)
Phillips Cedar Corridor (Weed & Seed, $1,000)

Motion (MG, AD)
Motion to place LM’s correction to the April GMM minutes on the agenda for the July GMM meeting when the April minutes will be available. Motion passed.

Motion (LL, MG)
Motion to place LM’s other policy requests on the July EBM agenda to be addressed by the Board. Motion passed.

Grant Writing Conference: (LL)
There are free workshops, classes and resources available at the Public Libraries where EPIC may gain assistance to access funds. St. Paul 651-266-7000 and Mpls. 612-630-6000.

Weed & Seed Crime Tech Team: (CP)

There is an effort to buy some kind of sensor grid that Minneapolis Police are researching investing in this tool.
Discussion of Chief McManus’ STOP Program. A gathering of 50 police officers from all over the city gathered into one large group, along with one intelligence officer to focus on specific crime areas.

Youth Summit (CP)
The Youth Summit was held at Stewart Park last Saturday. Rosie Cruz won a bike. Participation was kind of low.

Police Theft Report. (CP)
LL picked up a number of EPIC records and belongings; however, a full inventory has not been completed. Items included display boards, files and office supplies, some software. We haven’t found 2004 files yet.

Youth Summit (CP)
Results of filing a police theft report for the return of EPIC files-Linda

CDBG Funding report (CP)
Bob Cooper about $4,000 for organizing, printing, some reimbursements. We learned we do have liability insurance. We must complete a series of steps to obtain these funds including setting up a new bank account, finding our finance procedures.

501©(3) progress (CP)
We are still working on this. It took a very long time to get our files back. We have the records now to get this going.

Thanks to Roof Depot for pallets for compost bins- Linda
Roof Depot gave LL permission to take as many pallets as the community wants. Contact LL if you want pallets. LL will write a thank you letter from EPIC.

Thanks to Amy Brock (CP)
Amy Brock came to EPIC and helped with the survey. CP will write a thank you letter from EPIC.

Greenway Report (LL)
LL attended the annual meeting for the Greenway. The Midtown Greenway Phase II opening is June 25 at 1 PM (Saturday.) For more information, please see the newsletter. The new board was elected by moving to adopt the whole slate (of nominees.)

Discourse on Robert’s Rules (AD)
Albin reviewed the origins of Robert’s Rules of Order which come from the British Parliament. Henry Robert organized rules for smaller groups. America inherited these rules and modified them. There are three basic rules that Robert’s Rules are based upon.
Take up business one item at a time.
Promote courtesy, justice and equality.
Majority rules. However, the rights of the minority and absent members are protected.

The survey has been translated into Spanish. The Somali translation should be ready in about one week. Spanish translation was done by Rosie Cruz and Marcelino Reyes. The Somali translation is being done by Aden Awil and Mohamed Awil. The membership present filled out the survey and made the following comments/suggestions for the survey (by Question) which will be worked out in committee.
check all that apply
Alphabet instead of Numbers. Add sustainability, education, and action, livable wage, meaningful jobs, physical and emotional health of residents. Change graffiti to vandalism, single parent programs, services to non-English speakers
change text, Holy Rosary ESL program, Midtown Greenway, youth basketball.
Add numbers, bike access, bicycle friendly, add comments, what is this purpose, add in the area, add health.
is name required?

Housing and Economic Development (RB)
Dustin Heggem is the principal developer for the 29th and Cedar project which is breaking ground on July 15th. The units are 50% pre-sold. RB will be receiving funds from Weed and Seed to do model security lighting implementation. If you know of a property that is maybe next to a problem property and could use security lighting, contact Ryan at 612-823-0528 to make a recommendation.

Treasurer’s Report
LL and CA reviewed the EPIC records. We have all the financial records. PPNA did a nice job. CP, LL and MK met with our bank and removed the former directors as signers. AE and CA must go to the bank with CO and sign new signature cards. PPNA was EPIC’s fiscal agent and their name is also on the checking account along with their Federal tax ID number. The bank will close the account and reopen it with PPNA on the account. CA reported that EPIC staff was paid through December 15, 2004 plus accrued vacation pay, or $1,400 every two weeks. LL reported that former directors overlooked some business. A motion was approved in the fall and a check was send to Anderson in the amount of $1,000. A Policies & Procedures Manual was found among the contents of EPIC’s recovered records. Previous policies need to be compared to recent motions regarding policies. LL and MG are working on policies and will report on this.

Community Garden
CA is our official EPIC rep to the EPC 17th Ave. Garden Committee. CA reported that the EPC 17th Ave. Garden Committee needs to notify the neighborhood of meetings, sign a Use Agreement with all the gardeners and provide minutes of their meetings. BP reported that there is a water bill waiting at the PEAK office. Is there any decision yet on how to pay this bill? CA was asked to try to find out what portion of the water bill is EPIC’s responsibility and what portion is the gardener’s responsibility. BP reported that the EPC 17th Ave. Garden is owned by the GI in agreement with EPIC and the gardeners. AD reported that the next EPC 17th Ave. Garden Committee meeting is Saturday at noon at the 17th Avenue Garden. LM reported that a motion was passed about two years ago that the garden committee give a report every month if there was an official meeting.

Motion (LL, MG)
Motion to move the 17th Avenue EPC 17th Ave. Garden Committee finances to the EPC 17th Ave. Garden Committee to propose a set of decisions and request for funding for the future of the EPC 17th Ave. Garden Committee to the July EBM. Motion passed.

Letter to the MN Attorney General by former EPIC directors: Status of the EPIC Organization
The EPIC board discovered a letter that was written to the MN Attorney General on the 15th of December. The board determined that there should be a formal, thorough response written. The board decided not to distribute the letter except to named persons. CP read a written response to be attached to the minutes of this June GMM. AY suggested that the Board respond, maybe using this statement as a base for a letter. RB said that Bob Miller is implicated and recommended that EPIC request an explanation in writing from Miller to be distributed to EPIC members and others. BP recommended that the letter to the MN AG is libelous and needs a response. The board should respond and this should become an official EPIC document.

Motion (RB, AD)
Because Robert Miller, Executive Director of NRP, is implicated in the chaos that occurred within the organization (EPIC), the EPIC Board will ask for a letter from Robert Miller stating his role in these activities that can be distributed throughout the community. Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Gonsior, Secretary
June 9, 2005 (FINAL)
Holy Rosary Church

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