Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Board Contract for East Phillips Improvement Coalition

Board Contract for East Phillips Improvement Coalition

Printed Name__________________________________

I do fully swear to uphold the mission statement and bylaws of the East Phillips Improvement Coalition.

I have read, signed and agreed to the Qualifications, Duties and Responsibilities, Standards of Conduct, and Pointers for Participation for being a Board member of the East Phillips Improvement Coalition.

I agree to either carry the motions of the board or respectfully dissent, and to assist in assigning a spokesperson to advocate for each motion.

If dissenting, I am obligated to state the board and/or general membership position in any public forum.

I will treat community members and Board members with respect and vow to take the rule of the majority and protection of the minority seriously.

I support the right of members to have notice of all meetings; to know by previous notice when there is a proposal to rescind or amend something previously adopted; and to be informed of the work of the organization including reports of board action, committee work, and officers.

I will read and discuss with Board peers the content of documents published by NRP and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits about Board governance, roles and responsibilities as well as MN state law regarding nonprofit boards during the first three months of my term.

I am committed to the growth of the community as measured in numbers of active general members; EPIC’s financial stability; the success of programs and projects; and the increase of community good-will.

I consent to taking the grievances of the community seriously and to resolving conflict quickly.

I will affirm other Board members and seek to promote unity.

I will advocate relentlessly for the good of others and will choose to resign if personal interests or life’s situations make it unreasonably difficult to fulfill my responsibilities and duties toward this community.

As Witnessed By______________________________________

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