Thursday, January 13, 2005

EPIC Membership Meeting - January 2005

JANUARY 13, 2005
6:39 PM – 8:52 PM


The meeting was called to order by Carol Pass, interim president of EPIC. AA challenged whether the meeting could be called to order since six members of the board had resigned. CP stated that a “quorum,” according to the bylaws, is “a majority of the board directors.” Since there are presently three board directors (CP, MK, SM), a quorum would be two. Since MK and CP are present, there is a quorum. AA asked which board directors met on January 8, 2005. CP responded that two of the three existing board members were in attendance. MG stated that the status of the board is a board with vacancies and the bylaws state that vacancies can be filled by appointment or election.

Motion 1(BP, MG)
Approve the agenda with the addition of an announcement by JT. Motion passed.

Motion 2
Approve the minutes. It was determined that the only minutes that can be approved would be the minutes from the October 14, 2004 meeting. Since there are no minutes from that meeting, the motion failed.

GS announced that the city’s murder rate is rising and 31% of the murders were gang related. The city is looking at several programs. There will be a community meeting to get input on the problem. (Sorry, the sound was TERRIBLE!)

Introductions were made.

RB announced that he has set up two Yahoo groups in an effort to provide a means for residents to improve communications. Everyone is invited to include their e-mail address on the sign-in sheet and RB will send an invitation to join the newsgroups. The Yahoo groups will include discussion, file sharing, and a calendar.

Discussion commenced regarding the minutes from the board meeting on 1/8/2005. LM asked to table the discussion and resume our agenda.

IM told the community about the difficult housing situation facing her father, YH. The family asked for support from the community in staying in their present housing, or seeking new housing. CP proposed that neighbors meet the following day to figure out who to contact at the city to try to reverse the eviction.

JT reported that the Greenway is planning a meeting on 1/24/05 7 pm at the Green Institute to review plans for Arbor Day and plantings at 18th Avenue. There is a job opening (flyer distributed.) She announced that she is looking for someone to take her place on the Greenway committee. Responsibilities include attending Greenway board meetings, and reporting back to EPIC.

Treasurer’s Report
MK reported that PPNA is no longer acting as fiscal agent for EPIC. All the rent and other bills will be paid and a report will be received from PPNA in early Feb. We have a lot of NRP money, but we can’t access it without a fiscal agent. If the 501(c)(3) comes through then we won’t need a fiscal agent. MK was asked for a past report and stated that there was a question of paying final bills and the amount of non-NRP funds wasn’t known yet. CP asked if there would be funds to pay for mailings for the annual meeting. CP also noted that LM was to be reimbursed for garden expenses. The funds were set aside for this. MK asked whether the bill was sent to Rebecca. LM responded that she had no contact with Rebecca after the October GMM. MG asked if PPNA provided a written notice of their reason for declining the job of fiscal agent.

Motion 3 (LM, MG)
Obtain a letter from PPNA explaining the reason that PPNA declined to be EPIC’s fiscal agent. Motion passed. MK will bring the motion to PPNA for her Feb. meeting with Elena.

Discussion commenced about EPIC’s mail. Where is the mail going? Who is receiving the mail? MK reported that she purchased a PO Box for EPIC in early December and told Rebecca and David to inform EPIC’s correspondents. The key was given to David. This was before the six directors resigned. MK has tried to get a second key, and the PO keeps delaying this. MK asked David for the key and hasn’t received it. MK notified the PO to forward mail from the Green Institute to the PO Box 7539, 55407 last week. CP asked MK to obtain the key asap and pick up the mail. CP will pick up any mail at the Green Institute.

Motions from the Jan. 8 Board Meeting
SM and CP followed the bylaws and consulted NRP, the MN Attorney General and called a meeting of the board on Jan. 8, 2005. CP and SM installed themselves as President and Vice President in order to keep the neighborhood organization going, and move forward in the process for establishing 501(c)(3) status for EPIC. The motions passed at the board meeting were presented to the GMM.

Motion 4 (LL, MG)
Motion to entrust RB with the administration of the Yahoo discussion and news groups, to establish rules for participation and to monitor the groups. RB will have the authority to remove subscribers who violate those rules. (Motion passed.)

Motion 5 (BP, JT)
Motion to establish a Directors Nominating Committee. The committee will present to the community at the January GMM. Motion was amended (MK) to strike “Directors Nominating Committee” and add “establish a paperwork committee to be commissioned to do these things.” (Motion passed, LM abstained.)

RB will chair the committee. Tasks include:
Job description for board directors.
Board director qualifications.
Board director nomination forms.
Board director agreement.
New board director information packet (to include EPIC’s mission statement and a copy of EPIC’s bylaws.)

Motion 6 (BP, LL)
Motion to write to Robert Thompson requesting information regarding EPIC’s equipment and files, arrange for transport to RB’s home; and instruct NRP to recognize new officers and change of address; write to PPNA requesting financial records. (Motion passed.)

Motion 7 (LL, SM)
Motion to count votes, henceforth. (Motion passed 9/0.)

Old Business
CP presented Motion 8 from the Jan. 8 board meeting, as follows:
Motion to place items 1-8 on Thursday’s GMM agenda. (Passed unanimously.)

10/9/03, Motion to submit the 501(c)3 application in a timely way.
10/9/03, Motion to set up an ethics and conduct committee.
11/2003, Motion to set up professional board training.
2/2004, Motion to set up a program committee to work on the needs of youth.
8/2003, and 3/2004, Motion to implement a mediation process.
5/2004, Motion to set up the Strategic Planning committee to create a budget.
8/2003, Motion to tape EPIC board and general membership meetings.
7/2004, Motion to implement the resolution of the grievances filed at the beginning of the summer.

Pending Grievances
Item 8 above: EPIC agreed to create policies that give the community assurance that motions passed by EPIC will be carried forward by the board. This item will be included in the agenda for Thursday’s GMM and community will be invited to participate in forming policies and procedures.

Motion 8 (RB, LL)
The paperwork committee take on responsibility for all issues representing neighborhood motions. (Motion passed, 8/0.)

Brochure to welcome new townhome residents.
(Motion tabled.)

Planning for the March Annual Meeting
We must have a plan by the February Meeting because we have to provide notification. We have to mail every address in the neighborhood.

Motion 9 to Adjourn (LL, BP)
(Motion passed, 8/0.)

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