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JANUARY 8, 2005
10:18 AM – 10:57 AM

Directors: Carol Pass
Residents: Ryan Brueske, Jane Thomson, Amy Pass, Brad Pass, Dan Pass, Linda Leonard, Mary Gonsior, Cynthia Aguirre, Laverne Turner

The meeting was called to order by Carol Pass who noted that there was no quorum (a majority of the remaining board members -2 of 3- were not present.)

Motion 1 (CP, MG)
Motion to proceed with meeting as a neighborhood meeting to put together an agenda for the GMM on Thursday, January 13, 2005. (Passed unanimously.)

Motion 2 (BP, JT)
Motion to accept the agenda with the addition of Announcements. (Passed unanimously.)

Motion 3 (RB, MG)
Motion to elect CP to chair the meeting. (Passed unanimously.)

Announcement (JT)
The Greenway Coalition announced the locations for Arbor Day plantings for E. Phillips sites. These sites will include just east of 5th Avenue, 13-14th Avenues including the ramp, and Cedar – 28th Avenues. These are Phase I plantings. In addition, The Greenway Coalition will host an Arbor Day community planning meeting on Monday, January 24, 2005 at their office at 26th and Stevens Avenue. The time is to be determined. For more information, please call Theresa Nelson, Greening Manager at 612-879-0103.

Motion 4 (LL, BP)
Motion to commend Jane Thomson publicly for consistent, faithful, ongoing commitment to a task that benefits E. Phillips. The community is thankful to Jane for her work as Liaison to the Greenway Coalition. Her outstanding participation in this responsibility has been positive for the E. Phillips community.

Communication Strategies (RB)
In order to facilitate communication among residents of E. Phillips, Ryan has set up two private Yahoo Groups/e-mail lists. The goal is to spread out E. Phillips information more quickly and effectively. Residents are encouraged to distribute the information about the groups to their own contacts and ask them to sign up. (Do not sign up for others.) The groups have a web-like format also, where documents, pictures and calendars can be shared. In addition, subscribers may access e-mail archives. Mary offered to help if an EPIC Web site is developed.

News from the East Phillips Neighborhood of Minneapolis.
Date Founded: Jan 8, 2005 Mailing list type: Announcement
Post message:

A discussion group for the residents of the East Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis.
Date Founded: Jan 8, 2005 Mailing list type: Discussion
Post message:

Motion 5 (LL, JT)
Motion to entrust RB with the administration of the Yahoo discussion and news groups, to establish rules for participation and to monitor the groups. RB will have the authority to remove subscribers who violate those rules. (Passed unanimously.)

Minutes from previous meetings
There was no quorum at meetings that took place since October 14, 2004. There were two board members at the last board meeting in December. The only minutes that are available would be the Ad-hoc Committee meeting minutes. There is a question of whether those minutes are relevant in light of the resignation of six board members.

Motion 6 (LL, JT)
Motion to suspend with the minutes. (Passed unanimously.)

Treasurer’s Report
Margaret Kirkpatrick (MK) reported to CP that Elena of PPNA was not able to meet with EPIC representatives prior to Thursday’s GMM meeting (1/13/05.)

Meeting Adjourned
Suleman Mohamed (SM) arrived and since a quorum was then present, residents agreed to adjourn the EPIC community meeting at 10:57 AM to take up the EPIC board meeting.

JANUARY 8, 2005
10:58 AM – 12:35 PM

Directors: Carol Pass, Suleman Mohamed
Residents: Ryan Brueske, Jane Thomson, Amy Pass, Brad Pass, Dan Pass, Linda Leonard, Mary Gonsior, Cynthia Aguirre, Laverne Turner

Motion 1 (CP, SM)
Motion to call board meeting to order. (Passed unanimously.)

Motion 2 (CP, SM)
Motion to allow residents present at meeting to fully participate in discussion and vote on motions. (Passed unanimously.)

Board Resignations (CP)
The letter of resignation by Board Directors David Fisher, Glory Gloudemans, Andre Alexander, Mohamud Hussein, Paula Weikle and Sherman Wilburn was presented. The letter, which was addressed to Mr. Robert Miller, Executive Director of NRP was cc’d to Board Directors Carol Pass and Margaret Kirkpatrick (Suleman Mohamed was omitted.)

Carol: It is hard for the minority on the Board to be responsible for not carrying out the fiduciary responsibilities of the board. I disagree with the letter. As the minority, I could not pass motions, nor override the majority of the board. I don’t accept the letter’s version of what happened. This letter needs a response.

Other discussion: Does EPIC need to respond? EPIC should accept the resignations. EPIC should inform NRP, funders and public that EPIC intends to go forward. Some residents don’t know what has happened. EPIC has lost office, fiscal agent, and funds. EPIC is a corporation in good standing.

Motion 3 (CP, LL)
Motion to accept board resignations and draft a response letter. The letter will be addressed to the former Board Directors, the E. Phillips Community and will be cc’d to Mr. Robert Miller at NRP and PPNA. (Motion passed, 1 abstention [JT].)

The group formed a list of points to include in the response. MG will draft letter. The letter will accept the resignations, but will not accept the reasons given. The letter will note the omission of notifying Director S. Mohamed of the resignations. EPIC is a corporation in good standing with the State of Minnesota and intends to move forward. EPIC is taking the responsibility of sharing the resignation letter with the community.

Report on EPIC (CP)
EPIC is a corporation in good standing with the State of Minnesota. There is a list of unfinished business, including the status of EPIC’s 501(c)3 application. The IRS has indicated it will not communicate with CP or MK about this status.

Motion 4 (BP, AP)
Motion to establish a Directors Nominating Committee. The committee will present to the community at the January GMM. (passed unanimously.)

RB will chair the committee. Tasks include:
Job description for board directors.
Board director qualifications.
Board director nomination forms.
Board director agreement.
New board director information packet (to include EPIC’s mission statement and a copy of EPIC’s bylaws.)

Motion 5 (BP, LL)
Motion to review motions passed at the EPIC Community Meeting for ratification at this board meeting. (Passed unanimously.)

Motion 6 (BP, LL)
Motion to ratify motions passed at the EPIC Community Meeting. (Motion passed, 1 abstention [JT].)

Motion 7 (LL, MG)
Motion to recognize Carol Pass to office of President, and recognize Suleman Mohamed to office of Vice President. (Motion passed, 1 abstention [JT].)

Old Business
There are outstanding bills and requests are coming in from other groups. The organization needs a legal address in order to re-route correspondence. The organization needs to determine how to forward phone calls.

Motion 8 (LL, MG)
Motion to place items 1-8 on Thursday’s GMM agenda. (Passed unanimously.)

10/9/03, Motion to submit the 501(c)3 application in a timely way.
10/9/03, Motion to set up an ethics and conduct committee.
11/2003, Motion to set up professional board training.
2/2004, Motion to set up a program committee to work on the needs of youth.
8/2003, and 3/2004, Motion to implement a mediation process.
5/2004, Motion to set up the Strategic Planning committee to create a budget.
8/2003, Motion to tape EPIC board and general membership meetings.
7/2004, Motion to implement the resolution of the grievances filed at the beginning of the summer.

Pending Grievances
Item 8 above: EPIC agreed to create policies that give the community assurance that motions passed by EPIC will be carried forward by the board. This item will be included in the agenda for Thursday’s GMM and community will be invited to participate in forming policies and procedures.

GMM Agenda
SM requested ten minutes on the GMM agenda to allow Yusuf Mohamed to address residents concerning his housing situation.

Updated forwarding of mail and phone
Address correspondence to President.

Motion 9 (LL, MG)
Motion to write to NRP requesting the return of EPIC equipment and files, and instruct NRP to recognize new officers and change of address; write to PPNA requesting financial records. (Passed unanimously.)

Motion 10 (RB, LL)
Motion to seek legal aid/advice. (Passed unanimously.)

Motion 11 (LL, RB)
Motion to adjourn. (Passed unanimously.)

Minutes submitted by Mary Gonsior

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