Sunday, December 30, 2007

EPIC Agenda 2008

Happy New year EPIC Board Members, Volunteers, East Phillips Residents and Interested Parties-

Regardless of the Holidays, all things do keep moving. I am sending two StarTrib articles that you undoubtedly would not want to have missed if you are a resident in Phillips, care about your neighbors and neighborhood and want your voice to be heard, one way or the other. Please check out the attached articles. This issue is crucial for us and we need to determine a united response as much as possible. Send me your comments and opinions at my email address. I am hoping to get the Website going so I can post your comments.
Carol for EPIC

I will also try to keep you posted regarding the most serious issues facing East Phillips in the next months. A near as I can understand, these are:

- The Biomass Plant- should it happen and if you think not, what should we do to prevent it from happening.

- The potential elimination or radical downsizing of neighborhood funding and the loss of our independent voice. The potential control of all neighborhood destinies by primarily the Mayor's office with some City Council input.

- The creation of the East Phillips Park Community Center

- The building of Town Homes on the Greenway with some Live/Work homes on Bloomington.

- Continued work to stop crime

- Working on Programs for youth

- East Phillips NRP Phase II


Biomass plant not supported:

Council member Lisa Goodman profiting from burner:

This message was originally e-mailed out by Carol and Brad Pass

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