Saturday, April 7, 2007

EPIC Board of Directors Application Form

The following is a requisite form for applying for a board position on EPIC. Anyone in East Phillips that is interested should submit this to EPIC if they want to have a neighborhood leadership position.

Submit to:

2536 18th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Carol and Brad Pass will let you know if you are in.

East Phillips Improvement Coalition
Board of Directors Application Form

EPIC is interested in people with diverse backgrounds, and a variety of skills and experience. Please submit your completed qualifications form attached to this form.

Home Address:_____________________________________________________
Home Phone:______________Work Phone:____________Cell:______________
Email:_____________________________________ Business/Occupation:_________________________
Please state why you are interested in serving on the board (use another sheet if necessary):

In addition to meeting the qualifications on the qualifications form, what skills, related experiences, and accomplishments would you contribute to the board?

What skills do you feel you would be unable to contribute to the board (e.g. grant writing, parliamentary procedure)?

Describe any relevant experience or accomplishments that would make you an effective board member.

Endorsements (businesses, block groups, other organizations)
Affiliations (memberships, communities)

Please provide the names, phone numbers, and your relationship to two references with whom you have worked with professionally, in the neighborhood, in a community of faith, or other volunteer situations.

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