Saturday, October 1, 2005

EPIC Board Meeting - October 2005

Mary Gonsior (MG), Carol Pass (CP), Rosie Cruz (RC), Linda Leonard (LL), Earl Simms (ES), Cynthia Aguirre (CA)

Directors not Present: Hannah Lieder (HL), Sulemon Mohamed (SM)

Meeting was called to order as a committee of the whole at 10:15 by CP. Agenda was distributed. MG was designated as recording secretary.

The agenda was approved with correction: change “Reimbursements” to “Crime Report.”

Quorum was established at 10:25 am (6 of 8 directors present.)

The minutes from the September 3, 2005 EBM were approved.

Clean Sweep
We need to distribute flyers. The event will be held on October 15th. Acceptable items: furniture, tires, etc. No hazardous waster. LL suggested that flyers be distributed along with survey.

CDBG funding
EPIC will submit financial policies and budget to Robert Cooper.

All steps are completed – EPIC is insured.

Crime Report
25-30 police officers went around Little Earth looking for many specific individuals. There were several arrests. The raid was conducted Thursday evening on both sides of Cedar. Discussed crime along 25th St. CA said there will probably be another sweep (upcoming elections.) CP attended problem properties tech team meeting. CP has repeatedly reported 16th Avenue n their “hot list.” The list of problem properties in Midtown is “huge.” We may want to focus on one or two properties at a time. For example, 2440-16th and NE corner of 16th & 25th. ES has seen people with keys going in and out of the property on the corner.

EPIC will complain to Well’s Fargo about the condition of the property and ask, 1. Who owns the property, 2. Send owner a letter about the condition of the property, 3. Request that the owner take the building down.

Find address for problem property on 28th St & 18th Avenue
Report on tech meeting: decisions on court watch; opportunity for neighborhood to provide information and feedback to authorities regarding crime and properties and to learn what they are doing. CA would like to try to attend at least one meeting. CP will dates to CA for weed and seed, crime tech team meeting. CP will try to get minutes for these meetings.

Hi-Lake Development.
There will be a public hearing meeting for the development of Hi-Lake Shopping Center, sometime in October. There are some proposed plans that EPIC doesn’t know anything about. EPIC missed a meeting in September. EPIC needs to have participation in this next public hearing. Ryan has been informed about these plans but hasn’t communicated the information to EPIC.

Housing and Economic Development Committee
By consensus, CP will supervise the Housing and Economic Development Committee meetings of EPIC and hold the chair accountable to hold regular meetings and report regularly to EPIC GMM

Parking Issues
Keep calling about 24th Street Parking. Discussed concerns about the alley and other issues regarding the next phase when the condo comes in on 24th and Bloomington. Discussed other concerns of Townhome residents and the need for EPIC to support some sort of communication between the Association and PRG.

Motion (LL, MG)
Write a letter to PRG to encourage them to meet with Townhouse residents to discuss concerns about parking and any other concerns. CC letter to David and other board members. Motion passed.

Board Directors
Invite potential candidates to become board members. Hold election at next GMM, if nominations are made. Names offered for consideration: Aden Awil, Amy Pass, Laverne Turner, Ryan Brueske, Marcelino Reyes. EPIC will invite these individuals to consider accepting nomination. Each director to try to bring two new people to EPIC GMM.

CA will develop an icebreaker for EPIC GMM.

Completing the survey will give us a strategic plan for Phase I spending and loosen the $200,000 Phase II funds. It will also give us indicators for Phase II spending. The survey will also help with writing the Phase I evaluation and is an opportunity to meet people and educate about EPIC meetings. Directors to meet separately to set up schedule and implementation of survey.

Appoint a 2nd liaison to Garden Committee, when a director is available. Call Cory Zoll and request, 1. A copy of Lynne’s “garden agreement”, and 2. An itemized list of money that EPIC owes for the garden.

Lack of program funding and closure of park buildings
Research class/ethnic discrimination in decisions to close parks, defund programming

Agenda for GMM
Submit agenda items to the chair.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:14 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Gonsior, Secretary

CDBG = Community Development Block Grant
EBM = EPIC Board Meeting
EPC 17th Ave. Garden Committee = East Phillips 17th Avenue Community Garden Steering Committee
EPIC = East Phillips Improvement Coalition
GMM = General Membership Meeting

October 1, 2005
2526 18th Avenue S, Apt. #5

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