Saturday, April 2, 2005

EPIC Board Meeting - April 2005

EPIC Board Meeting Minutes
Wolf’s Den Coffee Shop, 10:00 am 4/2/05


Directors: Linda Leonard, Hannah Lieder, Albin Dittli, Andy Engebretson, Mary Gonsior, Carol Pass, Cynthia Aguirre, Rosie Cruz, Excused Absence Earl Simms

Observers: Stephanie Allen, Brad Pass, Laverne Turner

Meeting was called to order by Carol Pass. Agenda was distributed. Mary Gonsior was designated as recording secretary. Quorum was established (6 directors present.) Attendees introduced themselves.

Carol gave a summary of general policies practiced in the past at Board meetings. The Bylaws (distributed) provide that all official business shall not be transacted apart from the combined decision-making authority of the EPIC monthly membership meetings and a majority (quorum) of the current members of the Board of Directors. EPIC Guidelines for Grant Requests was distributed.

Action Item:
Recordkeeping and files: The organization should maintain backups of all official business including hard copies and digital backups on disk. EPIC will form an ongoing Policy and Procedure committee to propose procedures for maintaining records and backups. The committee will begin assembling information documenting recordkeeping procedures regarding motions, actions, letters sent by EPIC, training of directors, etc. The responsibilities of the committee include: Recordkeeping, archiving (back-ups,) clarification of board meeting participation, procedure process, definition of directors’ attendance, procedures addressing communication by board directors to membership, procedures for e-mail and contact information, clarification of officer functions, and more.

Action Item:
Follow up on 501©3 application. Figure out how to “withdraw” our “withdrawal” or re-submit the application. Obtain a copy of the letter withdrawing our application.

Motion: (LL, AD)
Authorize Ryan, Mary or Kevin, individually or in tandem, to acquire and reconstitute the computer, load software, and secure the computer physically. Motion carried.

Action Item:
Place National Night Out on the agenda for GMM.

MN Council of Nonprofits : Philanthropy Leaders Breakfast Series. Cost $35
University of St. Thomas Center for Business Excellence: Look Before You Leap: Visioning and Planning Skills for Community Development. Thursdays, 4/7, 4/28, 5/12, 6-9 p.m. at St. Thomas, 1000 LaSalle Avenue. Cost $45-$60
2005 Nonprofits and Technology Conference. Tuesday, 4/19, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Cost $150

Action Item:
Place board training on agenda for May board meeting.

Motion: (CP, AE)
Move the election forward on the agenda. Motion carried.

Motion: (AE, LL)
Propose that the executive offices be discussed and candidates self-nominate. AE will lead the process. Motion carried.

Election of Officers
Nominations: Carol Pass, Cynthia Aguirre
President: Carol Pass (by ballot.)

Nominations: Albin Dittli, Andy Engebretson, Cynthia Aguirre
Vice President: Andy Engebretson (by ballot.)

Secretary: Mary Gonsior (by acclamation.)
Treasurer: Cynthia Aguirre (by acclamation.)

Motion: (LL, CA)
The Executive Committee (newly elected officers) will plan the agenda for the GMM for which entries should be obtained by the 7th of April. Suggestions for the agenda should be sent to Executive Committee. Motion carried.

Motion: (LL, CA)
Motion to adopt the Policy and Procedure committee. Motion carried.

Motion to Adjourn: (CA, AE)
Motion carried.

Next Board Meeting:
Suggestions for locations included Salvation Army, Green Institute, Holy Rosary, Center School. Try to arrange for coffee and rolls for board meetings.

Next GMM:
Holy Rosary/Kitchen. Try to arrange for beverages and snacks for GMM.
April 2, 2005
Wolf Den coffee shop, Franklin Avenue

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